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Using the control panel

The control panel allows you to manipulate the information that is seen on the map. Learning how the control panel works and how best to efficiently use the it's many tools is essential for getting the most out of the 'MAP' portion of

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Collapsing and scrolling

The first thing to note about the control panel is that it is collapsible. The arrow at the top-right corner allows you to hide the control panel which will reveal more of the map. Simply click the arrow again to expand the control panel.

Depending on your device's screen height and which sections of the control panel you have open, you may notice that the control panel is scrollable. If you lose sight of the tool you are wanting to use, be sure to scroll up or down as it may be off-screen.

Question marks

Click any of the question marks in the control panel to quickly find a brief description of that tool. In instances where there are more explanations or instructions, you will find a link titled 'more'. Click the 'more' link to be taken to the corresponding article.

Site navigation

At the top of the control panel, you will find a smaller version of the yellow navigational ribbon found elsewhere on Clicking one of the icons will take you to that corresponding page. By clicking the 'TOOLS' icon, you can access settings for your organization such as:

Current role

Below the navigational icons you will find the name of the organization you are currently viewing. This can be helpful if you are the administrator of multiple churches or associations. The information seen on the map will vary depending on many factors such as your organization's current subscriptions and affiliated Lights and organizations. Be sure you are viewing the role that corresponds with the information you would like to view.

Clicking the name of the role will recenter the map on the location of your organization.

Address search

The address box below the navigational ribbon allows you to re-center the map to a specific address.

To learn more about centering your map on a specific address, please see the following help article:


The 'Layers' section allows you to add different information layers to your map.

The following help articles provide instructions for each of the sections in the 'Layers' section.

My Church / My Association
Prayer Coverage
New Movers


The 'Projects' section allows you to create, manage, and download specific custom regions featuring the layers and filters you currently have enabled. Using the tools in the 'Projects' section will allow you to create detailed .PDFs and spreadsheets for the different needs of your ministry.

To learn more about projects, please view the following help articles:


The toggles in the 'Options' section allow you to change some aspects of how your map is presented.

To learn more about these options, please view the following help articles:

Role Switch

The last section of the control panel is called 'Role Switch'. This section allows you to quickly switch between multiple roles in your account.

To learn more about switching roles, please view the following help article:

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