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Downloading household information

Article under construction: The article you are viewing is still being written. As a result, there may be incomplete information or missing steps. If you require immediate assistance, please submit a help ticket.

Before you can download information from the Community Connector, you will need to either create a project or open an existing project. Please read the following help articles to find detailed information for both creating and opening a project:

Downloading a file

When you have the project open that contains the region and layers you would like to download, click the 'download' icon in the 'Projects' section of the control panel.

Clicking the 'download' icon will expand that section of the control panel and reveal the different documents you can download. Each report includes different sets of information about the houses included in the current project.

Below, you will find a guide of the contents for each of the document types. The documents will include information for the households in the current project regions that meet the project's filters (if any).

.PDF downloads

.CSV downloads

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