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Viewing your organization's affiliated Lights

Lights are users in that have signed up to pray for their closest neighbors.

If you are a Bless Partner Church you can view any Lights that have affiliated themselves with your church in

If you are a Bless Partner Association you can view any Lights that have affiliated themselves with your association or a church that is affiliated with your association in

To view your affiliated Lights, click the 'My church' or 'My association' heading in the 'Layers' section of the control panel to expand it, and then click 'Lights'.

info Note: If your organization has a Bless Partner subscription and does not have a Community Connector subscription, the 'Lights' layer will already be active upon loading your map. If the collapsed 'My Church' or 'My Association' is green, you will know it contains an active layer.

Clicking the 'Lights' layer will cause your affiliated Lights to appear on the map and the legend to appear in the control panel. On the map, you may need to zoom out to see all of the Lights depending on where they live in relation to your organization. The Lights will be represented by a blue, white, and gold circle icon that has a person raising their hand in it.

Use the toggles in the control panel to limit which category of Lights you would like to see. Active Lights are users who are actively using Inactive Lights have not recorded any Pray-Care-Share actions nor made any changes to their account in the last 3 months.

Click the 'download all' button to download a .CSV of your Lights. Only Lights that match the currently toggled categories of 'Active' or 'Inactive' will be included in the download.

Click any of the Light icons on the map to open an info-box that contains the name and address of that Light and whether they are active or inactive.

When you are done viewing the Light's information, click the 'X' in the bottom-right corner of the info-box to close the box

warning Warning: The following instructions will cause you to leave the 'MAP' page. If you are viewing this article in the side panel of the map, this will also close this help article. To open this article in a new browser tab so you can continue to follow the instructions after leaving the 'MAP' page, CLICK HERE.

To view the Light's Dashboard, click the 'EXPLORE' button that appears in the info-box.

You will be taken to that Light's individual dashboard. Here you can see the Pray-Care-Share progress of that individual Light. You can also use the 'MAP' and 'LIST' icons to view their neighborhood map and prayer list.

When you are done, click the 'MY ROLE' arrow in the top-left corner of the page to be returned to your organization's Dashboard.

If you would like to return to the map from your organization's Dashboard, click the 'MAP' icon near the top of the page.

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