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Adopted households are homes that have been adopted by one or more Lights in Bless Every Home. This layer is a great way to see the overall progress of getting every home in America adopted. The goal is to turn every house on the map GOLD.

Adopted homes only refers to homes that appear on a Light’s prayer list. It does not necessarily mean that those homes have been prayed for by a Light. Also, it is important to note that the progress you see is the cumulative progress of all of the Lights in your area, regardless of the church or association with which that Light is affiliated.

info TIP: If you have a 'Partner Church' or 'Partner Association' subscription, you can combine the 'Lights' layer under the 'My Church' or 'My Association' heading with the 'Adopted' layer to see your affiliated Lights' impact.

Invite your members to join so we can reach our goal of having every home in America prayed for by name. To find out how to have your members automatically be affiliated with your organization upon signing up, CLICK HERE.

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