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How accurate is the information?

Bless Partner

Lights, Churches, and Prayer Coverage

As Lights or churches are affiliated with your organization, they will appear on your map in realtime. The Prayer Coverage layer is also updated in real time. All recorded Pray-Care-Share actions are self reported by the Lights so the accuracy of this information relies on Lights recording these actions accurately.

New Movers

In order to ensure that the weekly New Movers are as accurate as possible, we only receive records from our data supplier where the New Mover's distance of move can be verified. This prevents false-postives such as people who recently changed their name or restarted billing on their utilities.

Community Connector

Individual Households

Our database includes information for over 120 million households and is updated from our data supplier every six weeks. It is the nature of large data-sets such as this that there will be some inaccuracies or outdated information especially considering that people are frequently moving, changing their names, passing away, etc.

Many of the household demographic attributes should be described as probable or likely. This information is a "best estimate" based upon available public information sources. Projections relating to ethnicity, religion, language spoken in the home, and assimilation are based on first and last names, combined with address and census information.

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